In 2018 we started Downlights, a NZ owned multi award winning social enterprise that employs young Kiwis with Down syndrome and learning disabilities.

Many of our wonderful Downlights Crew had very limited career opportunities and our goal is to make Downlights a workplace where they thrive and have meaningful, enjoyable jobs. Every person deserves a job they are proud of! Our Downlights Crew individually tailored support to meet each of their unique needs. We have received such incredible support to do this from organisations like NZ Down syndrome Association, Recreate NZ and The Living Wage Movement.

The Downlights Charitable Trust was established in 2019 to fund workplace necessities like trained carer supervision, specialist equipment or personalised workstations that makes working at Downlights accessible for any special needs that a Crew member might need. Downlights Charitable Trust also makes donations from candle sales to NZDSA, Recreate NZ and The Living Wage Movement, completing the circle of reciprocity and to give back to the community that has given so generously to us. The Downlights Charitable Trust is a registered charity and our Charity Commission Registration Number is CC57362

Downlights Charitable Trust NZ