The NZDSA is privileged that Downlights Charitable Trust champions the mission of the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA) to work alongside families, whānau and carers to support and empower people with Down syndrome to realise their potential and aspirations through all life stages and within all communities. 

The NZDSA provides a range of support to our members from providing support, information, advocacy, a quarterly journal CHAT 21, a website, a free phone support, resources and training for the Down syndrome community. As we receive no government funding, we have to raise funds to deliver all these services so we appreciate the donation we receive from the Downlights Charitable Trust.

These donations could support all of our core services but we have decided that the donations we receive from the Downlights Charitable Trust will be used to assist the NZDSA to continue to raise awareness of Down syndrome in Aotearoa New Zealand through the production of a digital story to mark World Down Syndrome Day which is celebrated on 21 March. 

The digital story differs each year as we weave together the international theme identified by Down Syndrome International as well as the personal messages that our members with Down syndrome would like to share with everyone in their community. This year the digital story that the NZDSA shared was titled #We Decide.  You can join us in creating greater awareness of Down syndrome by watching and sharing #We Decide. You can access the digital story on the NZDSA website